March 2017

radKIDS Graduation

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The radKIDS program is an incredible program, it is amazing to see how the kids learn and grow and watch them become confident as they come to realize that they are IMPORTANT and that NO ONE has the right to hurt them -it doesn't matter if they know the person not, or if the person is 5 years old or 105, no one has the right to hurt them and they can stop them.  I truly believe that they are learning valuable life saving skills as well as what to do in different situations from being bullied, what to do in a fire, gun safety, dog attacks, out and about safety, how and when to call 9
Staci Call

75% Party.......WAHOO!

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Congratulations to all the 4th graders who have read 75% of their reading goal.  They joined in a celebration that ended up with candy rockets exploding above them and raining down candy on their heads.  

DARE Graduation

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Have you ever wondered what DARE stood for?  The answer is Drug Abuse Resistance Education.  Our Fifth Graders recently graduated, with honors, from this program.  If you get the opportunity, ask a Fifth Grader what they learned.  Congratulations Fifth Graders!

Fourth Graders Teach about Utah

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Canyon Fourth Graders took their family and friends on a musical tour of how Utah came to be.  They started with the Westward Movement and ended with the Virginia Reel. Thanks to the fantastic fourth grade teachers for all their hard work, and thanks to the students for a great program.

They are Going to the Zoo

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Kindergartener's thrill family and friends with a Zoo Program.  This program is always held the day before the field trip to the Zoo. The theme song is of course, "Teacher's Taking us to the Zoo Tomorrow".  Each student becomes a zoo animal or zookeeper as they entertain and educate the audience.  Thank you for a great show!

Parents, Pastries and Crazy Hats

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The finale to Dr. Seuss Week was fantastic.  It started out early in the morning, reading in the halls of the school while munching on delicious donuts.  It continued all day long.  Every time a "crazy hat" came into view, we were reminded how "crazy important" it is to read.

Veterans and Valentines

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Giving service makes you feel happy.  That's the lesson that Ms. Nilson helped her first graders realize.  They made Valentines for the Veterans this year.  In response, they were given a certificate.  It's nice to be recognized for the nice things you do, it's even nicer to have that warm good feeling.