Volunteer & PTA

Who's Who:     President- Tashelle Johnson    Vice President- Jessica Valentine     Treasurer- Andrea Staheli    Secretary- Amanda Caswell

Contact Canyon Elementary PTA- canyonelementarysfpta [at] gmail.com

Facebook page: Canyon Elementary PTA https:www.facebook.com/groups/141457432603633

Hi Canyon families! This year, you can leave your cash and checkbook at home. Buy your PTA membership, t-shirts,  and Emergency kits online NOW in our new school store https://canyon.memberhub.store ! It’s an easy and affordable way to stay connected to your child’s education and support the school!
PTA Meetings- 1st Wednesday of every month- 9:15 am- we would love to have you come!
Sept- 6 Oct- 4 Nov- 8 Dec- 6 Jan- 10 Feb- 7 Mar- 6 Apr- 6  May- 8