Tie-Dye Party Winners

Submitted by amber.thomas on Mon, 10/18/2021 - 14:32

Miss Nuttall's class was the winner of the Tie-Dye party from ribbon week!  They loved every second of creating their Tie-Dye shirts, but wearing them and matching as a class was the best day ever.

Danika Nuttall

Book Fair

Submitted by brittany.neilson on Mon, 10/18/2021 - 10:08

Scholastic Book Fair, going on this week.  You can set up an e-wallet for your students so they don't have to carry money around. Go to http://www.scholastic.com/bf/canyonelementaryschool4. Wednesday and Thursday the Book Fair will be open until 6:30 pm to coincide with Parent/Teacher conferences. 

Book Fair Times:

Monday 9:00 am-2:30 pm

Tuesday 8:45 am-3:15 pm

Wednesday and Thursday 8:45 am- 6:30 pm


Fall Break

Submitted by brittany.neilson on Tue, 10/12/2021 - 12:26

Fall Break, October 14-15, 2021.  Reminder that there will be no school those days. We hope you all have a safe and fun break. 

Mrs. Peery's Weekly Emails

Submitted by julie.peery on Thu, 09/30/2021 - 11:38

Parents, are you receiving Mrs. Peery's weekly messages through email? These emails are typically sent on Mondays and contain important information about upcoming events, sign-ups for conferences and other things, as well as news pertaining to all students at Canyon Elementary. If you are not getting them, 1) check to make sure your email account is correct in ICampus, 2) in the parent portal on the ICampus App, make sure you have NOT checked the "opt out of messages" box, and/or 3) check your SPAM folder and if messages are there, flag them as important so they won't end up in SPAM again.