radKIDS Graduation

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The radKIDS program is an incredible program, it is amazing to see how the kids learn and grow and watch them become confident as they come to realize that they are IMPORTANT and that NO ONE has the right to hurt them -it doesn't matter if they know the person not, or if the person is 5 years old or 105, no one has the right to hurt them and they can stop them.  I truly believe that they are learning valuable life saving skills as well as what to do in different situations from being bullied, what to do in a fire, gun safety, dog attacks, out and about safety, how and when to call 911, internet safety, car and bike safety and tricks someone could use.   They learn physical and verbal resistance, escape routes, about good and bad people and how to tell the difference.   No matter the situation radKIDS have a plan for everything and they are learning to come up with their own plans, what could I do if.......  After everything we teach the students they get to practice it- you don't just tell someone how to swim then toss them into the water.  The students become empowered as they learn physical skills that will stop someone from hurting them,or keeping them from getting to safety.   The simulation at the end of the program is incredible to watch as the students get to put their skills to the test and they come to know for themselves that if they ever had to use their knowledge they CAN do it! I can tell you that the skills they are learning absolutely do work and are life saving. Our third graders have worked so hard and I am so proud of them!!  I love working with the students and seeing them learn and grow!  radKIDS is the national leader in children's safety.   radKIDS does not tell your child what we hope they will do, we actually teach, train and empower children with real skills so they can recognize, avoid, resist and if necessary escape violence or harm in their lives. For more information visit radkids.org- Mrs. Call
Staci Call