Utah Valley Student of the Week: Ashlynn Gappmayer

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Ashlynn Gappmayer is a sixth-grade student at Canyon Elementary. Ashlynn enjoys many activities including playing basketball, being with friends and family, playing the piano and attending after-school clubs.

Ashlynn’s teachers recognize her as an outstanding student in character and academics. She is a happy student from the time she walks through the classroom door until school day’s end. She is a dedicated reader both personally and with buddy readers in first grade. Her quality of work is superior for her age group. Her subject areas are always completed on time with her expertise and finesse.


Ashlynn is one who includes and cares for others who are in need of support and friendship. She is always a class participant. There is a gentle humbleness about Ashlynn that draws her to others and others to her. Ashlynn has natural rallying and leadership skills. She is a student that teachers enjoy being associated with.

She is a leader, more by her example, than by what she says. She is not afraid to do the right thing and tries to be a friend to everyone. She is very responsible and is a big help to her parents in helping care for her younger brother who is not able to do many things for himself. Ashlynn knows how to serve and look out for those who are “different.” She is inclusive to those she meets.


Ashlynn is not sure what her future plans are at this time. She is keeping her options open to many possibilities. Service, family, and education are all part of her goals. Whatever she does, it will be done with an excitement for learning and growing even when it is not easy. She knows how to work hard.