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   Mr. Harlan is the principal of Canyon Elementary and is our "Spotlight" person of the week.  Mr. Harlan said this about his family, "I have a "terrific" wife, five girls and 1 boy.  I have kids in Delaware, Logan, Utah, Maple Mountian High School and Mapleton Junior High.  I also have my first grand-daughter. 

   For school, he went to BYU to become a teacher as well as back again for both Reading and Administrators Masters Degrees.  His favorite food is Cafe Rio's salmon tostada.  His favorite vacation was going to Cambodia and learning about and experiencing a different country and culture.  His favorite quote is a line from the movie, Chariots of Fire; "Everyone runs in her own way, or his own way.  And where does the power come from to see the race to its end?  From within." 

   Things he likes to do in his spare time are taking care of his yard and reading a good book.  What he loves most about working with students at Canyon Elementary is that they are always happy, hard working, and always learning.  He says it helps him want to do and be the same. 


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