Sixth Grade Gift Exchange

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A few weeks ago the 6th grade decided to do a ¨Secret Santa¨ gift exchange. Each student drew a name out of a box (the box was made out of a book). Everyone was asked to bring a gift to the person they got, even if they didn’t know a lot about that person. The point of this gift exchange was so the 6th graders could better understand what giving means. They did not do this to get a gift but to give a gift. Ashlynn, in Mr. Sargeant’s class said, “I liked how everyone gave a gift. No one didn’t have a gift to open.” Everyone received a gift and everyone was happy. Avery said, “My favorite part was watching my secret Santa open his gift.” The spirit of Christmas was in the air and joy filled the hearts of many 6th graders.


Mrs. Perkins and Eden Erickson