Principal Dave Harlan Honored with the Elementary Crystal Owl Award 2020

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Dave Harlan, principal of Canyon Elementary in Nebo School District, was honored with the Elementary Crystal Owl Award during a Nebo administrator training on Zoom. This award is provided by Craig Harvey through Horace Mann.                  

Colleagues and teachers said the following about Canyon Principal, Dave Harlan:

“Dave Harlan is a wonderful principal who leads with kindness and patience. He focuses on what is best for students and works hard to make good things happen for everyone at his school. He always has a smile on his face and approaches life with a positive attitude. One thing I especially love about Dave is how he always asks how he can be of service. ‘What can I do for you?’ is often heard coming from him in his interactions with many. He is aware of those around him and goes out of his way to make sure everyone feels included. He is a friend to all of his fellow principals and appreciated for all he contributes to his colleagues, faculty and staff. Dave is well deserving of this award!!”

“I had the opportunity to have Dave Harlan as my administrator at Canyon Elementary for six years. I now have the opportunity of working with him as a fellow principal.  Anyone who knows Dave will agree that he is the nicest man on the planet. During the time I have worked with him, I can honestly say I have never heard him speak ill of another person.  He is a loyal friend and associate, always concerned for the best interest of everyone around him.   As a new principal, I refer to Dave often for questions as I know he will be reflective and thorough in his answer.”

“If you were to ask fellow principals about Dave Harlan, the first thing that would come out of their mouths is that he is kind. Dave is the person that checks in and makes sure you are doing okay. Dave is also thoughtful, will not shy away from offering support in the form of sympathy, encouragement or help, and you know he is sincere.  The interesting thing is that his offers of help are not always about the job. When Dave knew I was building a new house he offered to help with landscaping. The second year he offered his help with a garden. There are no boundaries and barriers if Dave knows he can help you. Dave works hard too, he wants to be a problem solver and provide the best possible culture of caring at his school.  Dave has an extensive knowledge of technology and works to implement the best at his school.  He always has the best intentions and wants to do the best job possible for his students, parents, fellow colleagues and friends.”  

“Dave Harlan has always been an example of what a principal should be.  He loves the students, the parents,  and the faculty and staff associated with Canyon Elementary.  He is willing to help his fellow principal at any time.  He is so genuine in his concern for the success of those he comes in contact with.  He is someone I have personally gone to for advice when facing a difficult situation.  He is so deserving of this recognition!”
“Dave is a very positive person, he is always happy. He has a ton of experience and is somebody who is willing to help you in any way and in any situation. Dave is a great guy and and even better friend!”

Congratulations to Principal Dave Harlan of Canyon Elementary in Nebo School District. Thank you for being a Nebo Hero!
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