Personal item and yearbook pick up

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Canyon Families,

We will begin the process of personal item distribution and yearbook pick up on Thursday, May 14th.

We have assigned times for item pick up by last name. We have given you several options in hopes that one of those times will work out for you.

We ask that, where possible, one healthy parent or other adult comes with the student to help them maintain the appropriate physical distancing from other students.   

Bring a bag or backpack.

At this time students may return any non-essential learning materials, library books, and teacher books. Chromebooks, instruments, and other essential learning items will NOT be returned at this time.

Students and parents will enter through the main entrance. Go directly to the gym to pick up items. Then exit through the gym doors.

Just inside the main door will be a drop off for the library and take home library books. Teacher books can be left on the assigned teacher table where you will be picking up your items. We also have all lost and found items on the stage area for you to look through.

We are following all CDC guidelines with social distancing and ask you to help by not congregating in the hall and exit the building as soon as you have collected your materials.

You will receive more information about returning Chromebooks and chargers at a later time.

Please see the attached schedule for your assigned times to come to the school.