Mrs. Perkins Christmas Play

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HO HO HO! Festivity is brewing in Mrs.Perkins 6th grade class. The class is putting on a holiday play called “What, NO Santa?” They have worked very hard on this play trying to make it perfect. December 18 was the date of their first play. They transformed their classroom so you find yourself in the middle of Santa's living room. The play consists of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, seven elves, announcer, first and second voice and narrator. Each has an important part. It is truly impressive to see how much work they put into it. At the end of each day, the class practiced getting their lines memorized. On December 19 and 20 they will perform the last two plays. So don't miss the cute and entertaining performance at Canyon Elementary! Happy holidays!

Written by Brooklyn Latimer


Angie Perkins and Brooklyn Latimer