Mrs. Holt Receives Crystal Apple Award

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Our amazing teacher, Mrs. Jill Holt received the Crystal Apple Award. She was nominated by her colleagues. Jill attended USU, BYU-Hawaii, and graduated from BYU> She has taught for 32 years and has taught kindergarten, second and third grade at several elementary schools. She currently teaches second grade. Jill is married to Craig Holt and they have six children and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys family "get-to-gethers", eating, watching movies, playing games, bowling, hiking, and going on vacations. Maui was a favorite.

This is what Mrs. Holt had to say about teaching: "My first year of teaching my thinking was this --- I wanted to give my students the best positive experience I could. So, whenever they remembered their third grade it would bring back good memories and good feelings about the year, teacher, classmates, themselves: and that learning is fun!  Thirty years later, my thinking is still the same, but I have incorporated through a year-long baseball theme-- that we win and lose as a team (my behavior affects the whole class) and each player (student) needs to perform at their personal best. Each student is responsible for his/her learning and to do that he/she must "Get in the Game.' I think we (my students and I ) love Team-Holt and they have their own part in creating good positive feelings about every part of their year in second grade. I love working with wonderful, caring colleagues and each new year enriches my life by getting to know and be part of the many amazing students and their families' lives." Congratulations, Jill Holt!