Mr. Hathaway Receives Crystal Apple Award

Submitted by calleen.argyle on Wed, 05/16/2012 - 15:58

  We would like to recognize Larry Hathaway and congratulate him on receiving the Classified Crystal Apple Award.  He is truly deserving of this award for his many years of service at Park Elementary and here at Canyon.  He is a very hard working individual.  We receive compliments often about how nice our school looks and smells.  We can thank Mr. Hathaway for that.  He loves the students and they love him.  Many of them have commented that they don't want him to retire.  We as teachers and staff apppreciate him for all he does for us.  In addition to working at Canyon, he has a Rock Shop that he likes to mess around in.  He enjoys finding special types of rocks out in the west desert and other secret places.  He loves cleaning, shining, showing them off and selling them.  Larry has been especially happy the last few years after meeting and marrying his sweet wife, Vickie.  They enjoy working together making beautiful jewelry and traveling to rock shows.  This year he is retiring and he will be missed.  Most of us have heard him say and we will miss his famous words, "Well, it's about time you got here!"  So Mr. Hathaway, it's about time you kick back and enjoy life, sleep in, travel, and make jewelry and come see us when you get a minute.


Calleen Argyle