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Fifth Grade students had the opportunity to attend Biztown in Salt Lake City. Before going to Biztown, the students were taught lessons on how to run a business. Students were able to write checks, operate banks, manage restaurants, and vote for mayor. Addi Gwilliam was Mayor for the day. This program gives the students a practical application for what they learned in the classroom. Many parent volunteers helped out to make it a successful day. Below are what some students said about the day.

"Well, I loved going to JA Biztown. What I loved about it was being an adult for one day. I liked writing checks and learning how to use money and that it is very hard work." Logan Garner

"JA Biztown was an amazing experience. You get to experience what you are actually supposed to do, but when you're very young. JA Biztown was the best thing ever!" Ella Roberts

"We learned how to write a check, use a deposit ticket, and fill out and use a check register. We learned about how good customer service and good marketing strategies help our business succeed." Joshua Pollock

"JA Biztown was great and working together in a group made everything better. My group was so busy every second and I was amazed on how many people came to get Delta Airlines passes. Yes, my job was hard but worth it!" Chloe McCasey

"JA Biztown was so much fun! I would definitely go again if I could. I didn't know how to write a check until we went. It was fun to learn something different for once and to figure out how adults do things for a day." Vanessa Marks

"JA Biztown was the most exciting field trip I have ever had!! There is so much action and the buildings are really realistic and fun! I learned how to write checks. Business is really fun when you go there! You also need to work with people in your business and that's always fun to have somebody with you!! I love JA Biztown!!" Madison Brinton

Fifth Grade