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Mrs. Amy Thaden teaches third-grade at Canyon Elementary.  She came from a family of nine.  She has three brothers and three sisters and she got married last summer.  Mrs. Thaden went to school in California.  She went to John Adams Elementary, Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Madera High School.  Then she went to BYU and is now teaching at Canyon Elementary.  In all the different schools she has attended, the school colors have always been blue and white.  Her favorite foods are chips and salsa, tamales, enchiladas, rice, cupcakes, breadsticks and sandwiches.  Her favorite vacation is going to the beach with her family.  She says she is a California girl and likes the warmth!  Her favorite quote is, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken."  In her spare time she likes to be with her family, get on Pinterest, do crafts, give service, relax, play sports and play games.  The thing she loves most about working with the students at Canyon is the amount of information she learns from them each day and how they make her laugh!


Calleen Argyle