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This week's faculty/staff spotlight is Canyon's secretary, Mrs. Julie Higginson.  Mrs. Higginson married her high school sweetheart.  They have five boys so Mrs. Higginson said she can relate to Ann and Mitt Romney!  Their sons are all married and now she has 5 beautiful daughters-in-law.  They also have 16 precious grandchildren and are expecting their 17 grandchild.  Mrs. Higginson graduated from Spanish Fork High School and attended 1 year at Provo Technical College in business.  Her favorite food is Italian and some of her favorite vacations are going to Hawaii, Bear Lake with the family and Lake Powell with friends.  Her favorite quote is, "Remember me?  You wouldn't help me.  Big mistake. Huge!!"  (From Pretty Woman)  When asked what she likes to do in her spare time she said, "What spare time?"  She loves to watch her grandkids play ball or dance.  The thing she loves most about working with students at Canyon is the funny things they say.  She said she wishes she had written them down.  She could have written a book of funny sayings.

Thanks, Mrs. Higginson, for all you do for Canyon Elementary!



Calleen Argyle