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   Every year the Spanish Fork Kiwanis Club recognizes outstanding 6th grade students from the area elementary schools in their Terrific Kids Program.  Criterion for a Terrific Kid is one who is:  THOUGHTFUL, ENTHUSIASTIC, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, INCLUSIVE, FRIENDLY, INQUISITIVE AND CAPABLE; hence, TERRIFIC. 

   The following students from Canyon Elementary Sixth-grade received the Terrific Kids award for 2012: 

Mason Olson, Carson Chappell, Spencer Cable, Natalie Pendleton, Jessica Anderson, Hallie Rees, Kacie Jones and Cameron Hanks.


Pictured Top L-R:  Mason Olson, Carson Chappell and Spencer Cable.

Bottom L-R:  Natalie Pendleton, Jessica Anderson, Hallie Rees and Kacie Jones.  Absent from photo is Cameron Hanks.


Calleen Argyle