Canyon Students Learn Bread Making

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   Fourth, fifth and sixth-grade students from Canyon Elementary learned how to make bread on Jan. 17, 2012.  Pam Jensen, a representative from  the King Arthur Life Skills Bread Making Program, used student volunteers, Brooklyn Norman and Ashley Anderson, to help her show the students how to make bread.  A camera projected the bread making demonstration on a large screen so everyone could see the steps to successful bread making.  Students learned how to measure wet and dry ingredients, how to knead bread and also how to turn the bread dough into a braided loaf, cinnamon rolls, pizza crust or just a beautiful loaf of bread.  Students got to take home a bread making kit with two small bags of flour, yeast, and a receipe book.  When they get home, they can make two loaves of bread; one to keep and one to give away to someone else.



Pictured L-R:  King Arthur Bread Making Representative, Pam Jensen and Canyon students Brooklyn Norman and Jessica Anderson.

Calleen Argyle