Canyon Science Fair Winners

Submitted by calleen.argyle on Fri, 01/27/2012 - 09:52

   Fifth-grade students from Canyon Elementary displayed their science projects at their annual Science Fair held at the school Jan. 26, 2012.  Students formed a hypothesis for their science projects and then set up their own experimental trials to prove or disprove their hypothesis.  They kept a journal of their work and finally put together a display showing the results.  Some students worked with a team and others did individual projects.  The winners will now go on to the district science fair.

Pictured top L-R:  Aiden Sanchez, Harrison Fraser, Megan Nelson, Lena Stern and Nathan Lawrence.

Middle L-R:  Katy Huntsman, Christina Hutchings, Kelbie Taylor, Cole Hansen, Mylie Baum, Morgan Wood and Tyler Thompson.

Bottom L-R:  Anika Kloepfer, Emilee Renfeldt, Jenna Muirbrook, Tessa Clayton, Mackenzie Parker, Luke Raven and Gage Halliday. 

Absent from photo:  John Sawka and Kelly Keith.

Calleen Argyle