Canyon Jump Rope for Heart Assembly

Submitted by calleen.argyle on Fri, 03/09/2012 - 11:46

   Students from Canyon Elementary were entertained and amazed March 9, 2012, as they watched the Jump Rope for Heart assembly put on by students from Harvest Elementary in Saratoga Springs.  Jump Rope for Heart is an American Heart Association event.  Participants showed their jump rope skills while pop music played.  Canyon students got involved by singing the lyrics to the songs as they cheered for the jump rope routines.  Students also learned that jumping rope is a healthy activity for their heart, but some boys and girls have special hearts and need help so they can grow to be happy and healthy.  Canyon students will be participating in jump rope activities in their P.E. classes and they also have the opportunity to get permnissiion from their parents to raise money for the American Heart Association by jumping rope as a team or individually, so that needy boys and girls can be helped by the money they raise.

Pictured: 1.   Canyon students watching Jump Rope for Heart Assembly

               2.   Kade Argyle in the foreground.

Calleen Argyle