75% Party

Submitted by jeanette.maughan on Thu, 04/28/2016 - 14:11


I bet you are wondering what the 75% party is, well you only get to go if you reach 75% of your goal in Accelerated Reader. We were so excited, everybody had ants in their pants.  The teachers played an April Fool’s Joke on us right before (they are good actresses), and then they said we could go to the Cub Den or play in the gym. In the gym and we played war ball or people played board games on the stage.  In the Cub Den they played everything: basketball, pool, foosball, x-box, chess, etc.  Then we went outside.  The teachers had a pump, and we were all saying, “What is that?” Before we knew it they had a rocket on the pump. Not a real rocket, but like a rocket made out of bottles. Then we saw a big bag of candy, and our teachers were pouring it in the bottle rockets.  Then our teachers were pumping the rockets with air. Mrs. Perkins girls went first. They were screaming when the rocket was letting go of candy while going through the air. They grabbed all the candy they could until it was all gone.  This would repeat until all of the classes were done. Then after it was the boys turn!  I must say the boys did a better job at NOT screaming. We all got a ton of candy and then we went inside.  It was an awesome party.  We are so glad that we got to go.  Now we are excited about the 100% party in May.  Bring on the reading! 


Britt and Lewis