April 2020

Utah Strong Flyover 4/30/2020

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On Thursdays 4/30/2020  at approx. 1:15 pm. The F-35 Demo Team from Hill Air Force Base will have a flyover Utah to thank all of the healthcare workers, first responders, and essential personnel on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. 

Messages from Second Grade Teachers

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Mrs. Cranmer: Keep going! We'll get through this together! I miss seeing the students!

Mrs. Holt: I miss the interaction of the teacher with students and students with students. Working, learning, playing, growing, and laughing as Team-Holt in a school setting is what I miss the most. I hope you are all happy and well!

Message from Ms. Beckham

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What an adventure this is, students! It's okay to be frustrated, sad, or even mad that we can't be in school right now. But then try to switch your thinking to the positives! Staying in pajamas longer! Lots of breaks! School in bed! And think of some fun things you can do during this time! Baking, arts and crafts, games with siblings or even making up dances. And you could even help others during this time! Ask a grown-up that you live with if they need help, watch a younger sibling, make someone's bed.

Life is tough-but so are you!

Ms. Beckham

Message from Mrs. Nilson

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You are BRAVER than you believe STRONGER than you seem SMARTER than you think AND LOVED more than you know........A.A. Milne


I miss recess and lunch and PE and pajama day, oh wait maybe not that :), and treasure box Tuesday! Most of all I miss the creativity of my first graders! I miss seeing them be problem solvers and helping each other. I miss teeth falling out and hearing about all the goings-on outside of school! Most of all I miss those sweet smiling faces!!

Mrs. Nilson

Message from Mrs. Perschon

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Hello Canyon Cubs! I hope you are all doing well and working hard at home. We think of you all the time and miss you so much! I miss the laughter and smiles from all the kids and the faculty. Keep working hard and hang in there. This will not last forever. Remember that you can do it and that we never give up! Love Mrs. Perschon



Mrs. Perschon

Message from Miss Nuttall

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I am so PROUD of all the hard work each of you has completed and I LOVE watching your smiling faces on your Friday Flipgrids. Keep up the great work. Have COURAGE and Be KIND!!! We can do hard things.

I miss singing daily as you enter the classroom. I miss your morning hugs, smiles, stories, and excitement of getting our day started. I miss teaching, I miss reading aloud, I miss watching you play at recess, I miss everything about being your teacher. I simply miss YOU!!!

Danika Nuttall

Message from Mr. Sargeant

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Keeping it Light.....is Right!

Attitude! Attitude! It makes you do the things you do!
Attitude! Attitude! It makes you what you are...
You've got to be Kind! You've got to want to Share!
You've got to be a Friend! You've got to want to Care...
Oh, it's your... Attitude that makes... You!!!

With all that is going on in the world right now....
Keep a HAPPY routine going for yourself.
Obey your Parents! This is a transition for them, too!
Take big breaths and exhale...
Keep Living, Loving, Laughing, and Smiling!!!

Mr. Sargeant