February 2017

SFJHS Band and Orchestra

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The Spanish Fork Band and Orchestra visited Canyon Elementary and impressed students with their musical talent.  Our students were given the opportunity to try out some instruments.  It will soon be time for the sixth graders to register for Junior High.  Band and Orchestra will be option for them.  It will be a hard choice.

Mountain Man Day

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As a culminating activity to the Mountain Man Unit, the fourth graders enjoyed a Mountain Man Rendevous.  They bartered with beaver pelts they had been saving throughout the unit, enjoyed frybread and played games the mountain men might have played.  If you get a chance to visit our school, check out the Mountain Men hanging in the hall and take a minute to review the articles about them.

Valentine Fun

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If you want to have a ton of fun on Valentines Day forget the fancy restaurants and the expensive gifts.  The best thing to do is visit an elementary school!  Thanks to all the parents who made this such an exciting experience for everyone.

Look at this Math Class!

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Math and BYU go hand in hand!  At least this week at Canyon Elementary.  The third graders are playing an important role, STUDENTS, for a class of BYU students.  It's a win-win situation.  If you see any third grader, ask them what they think about it.

Weaving Fun

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The fourth graders have been learning the fine art of weaving.  They have learned a new appreciation for the clothes they wear!

Volunteers Needed

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Volunteers to Hang out & Hang Art on Feb 24th Anytime after 8:30 am. This is your chance to hang out in the halls with other parents visiting (the kids are in class!!) while you hang up all the art for the Canyon Art Gallery. It is a blast!

Morning Crosswalk vounteers- M-F 8:15 to 8:30- Just help the kids crossing 1240 S in front of the school.