October 2016

The Olympics come to Canyon

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The original Greece city-states, plus one, came together again and held an Olympics right here at Canyon School.  The athletes were actually sixth graders who had no missing work for Term 1.  They competed in the Bob Sled Race, Ice Skating, Basketball Shoot, Discus Toss, Long Jump and Three Legged Race.  We had some fabulous Dads and Moms come help run the events.  Thank you for that!  If you want to hear more about this exciting event and to learn who won, ask a Sixth Grader. 

Freedom Festival Contests Announced

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The Freedom Festival sponsors multiple patriotic contests each year in categories including Art, Essay, Speech, Storytelling, and Video. The video contest is open to everyone; other contests are open only to students. The contest theme this year is Freedom.

In addition to receiving cash prizes, contest winners enjoy having their work promoted in the community by the Freedom Festival all year.

The deadline for all contests is November 14, so get moving!

And the WINNER is.....

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This year the Reflections Theme was "What's Your Story?"  The PTA sponsors the Reflection Contest each year, and it is something the students have come to look forward to.  This year was no exception.  With about 150 entries, the judges had a very hard decision to make.  Congratulations to these students! Their entries will now move on to the next level.  Thanks to the PTA for helping to make our school so amazing.


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If you are thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of blue," it's because it was "Blue Ribbon Day" at Canyon Elementary.  Thanks to our fabulous PTA for sponsoring a great assembly about Bullying.  Dr. Hank Smith taught the students skills to deal with bullying and making good choices.  Ask your student what Q.U.I.T. stands for and why they should say "Absolutely Not".  It was entertaining, educational and a lot of fun!

GAINS at Canyon

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GAINS, Growing Arts in Nebo Schools, has come to Canyon Elementary this year as Dance/Movement.  We enjoyed having Miss Kimball in our school working with students and teachers.  She will be helping to incorporate Movement/Dance into the curriculum.  The experience was enjoyed by all. 

SFHS Band visits Canyon Elementary

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Canyon Elementary Fifth and Sixth Graders recently enjoyed a concert by the SFHS Marching Band.  They enjoyed learning about the different instruments and listening to the music.  Many are looking forward to the time they will have the opportunity to participate in a marching band.  Thanks for visiting our school.

Fourth Graders Enjoy Field Trip

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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to put on waders and walk in a stream at the end of September, just ask a fourth grader.  They can tell you all about it.  This is science at it's best.  Thanks to the Forest Service who made this fun field trip possible.  

1st Grade Patriotic Program

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First Graders are always fun to watch perform, but when they sing patriotic songs it brings a tear to your eye and a tingle to your spine.  Our First Graders have been practicing since the beginning of the school year for this patriotic program and it was wonderful.  Thank you to them and their teachers.