September 2016

New Student Council Members

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Canyon Elementary recently held the Student Council Elections.  Eleven were chosen out of the 36 students that volunteered for that responsibility.  Each student wrote an essay explaining why they felt like they would be a good Student Council member.  After reading the essays, twenty students were then asked to give a speech in an assembly for all the fourth-sixth grade students.  Everyone of these speeches was exceptional.  It was a hard choice, but the final student council members were announced on Monday, September 19.  Congratulations!

New Kindergarten Open House

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Canyon Elementary has welcomed Mrs. Gale to our school.  The Kindergartners in her class enjoyed an open house with their parents this past week.  They are all excited to go to work!  Welcome Mrs. Gale, and the kindergarten kids, to Canyon Elementary.


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The PTA Carnival, held on Monday, September 19, was a huge success.  Students, parents, sibllings and teachers wandered the hall, auditorium and outside fields enjoying games, food and good company.  The weather was perfect.  Thank you PTA for providing the fun activity for us.

US Synthetics Visit Canyon

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US Synthetics came and taught the 6th grade about PDCA which stands for plan, do, check, and adjust. PDCA helps you with daily problem solving. We did a project for PDCA and there were two rounds. The first round you built a tower using index cards and the goal was for the tower to be able to hold a package of index cards. The second round you had to follow the PDCA process and you had to figure out what would work or what wouldn’t work and whatever didn’t work then you wouldn’t try it again. Also, you would try and improve on your height you got for your tower.

By: Brynn

Map Walk Success

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The fourth grade had a Utah Map Walk.  We learned about Utah's mountains, lakes, rivers, and deserts.  We liked the mountains the best.  The Wasatch Mountains go north and south, and the Uinta Mountains go east and west.  Also, did you know that the Great Salt Lake is so salty because there are no rivers running out of it?  We each made a map to show where everything is in Utah.  The third grade and a lot of parents came to see our maps.  There were a lot of different maps because the teachers said we could make our map out of anything we wanted to.&

Constitution Day

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It was a crisp, cold morning, but that didn't stop Canyon Elementary from celebrating their annual Constitution Day Flag Raising.  The entire school gathered around the flagpole and watched as a colorguard of scouts raised the Flag and led the school in the Pledge of Alligance.  Each student then joined in singing "God Bless the USA".  What a great tradition!

STEM Opportunity

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Children of all ages will have fun by interacting with other "Makers" and using 21st-century skills to create and build their own projects. There will be booths, activities, engaging projects, and many more fun ways to learn STEM skills. You can visit exhibits such as robotics, costume design, and 3D printing, plus participate in engaging and educational activities.


Admission: FREE to the public!