BYU Cougar Strong Assembly

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Cosmo dunking
BYU Cosmo
Cosmo being distracted and running into kids
8 lucky winners getting a shirt
dunk team
Cosmo with our Kindergarten class
man flipping
Mrs. Peery telling the kids about whats going to happen
students listening
Our teachers got to help with the assembly
man flying thru air
man dunking basketball
man flipping

Canyon had a special visitor! Cosmo and the BYU dunk team came to teach our students how to be Cougar Built. The students were challenged to follow 4 rules:

Built to Love: We will be kind and respectful, even when it's hard. We will treat everyone like a friend.

Built to Learn: We will listen carefully, always be honest, do our best, and ask teachers and parents for help.

Built to Work: We will say YES to healthy food, sleep, and exercise. We will say NO to drugs and alcohol.

Built to Connect: We will limit our screen time, charge outside our bedrooms, and use filters with an adult's help. 

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