Reflection Winners

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Canyon Elementary Reflections Contest Winners

November 19, 2010


Back to front, left to right


Ariana Massey, Tyler Douglas, Cailey Gammell, Kylee Crook, Hayley VonNeiderhausern, David Nulty, Erin Bendixsen


Sarah Trevino, Hannah Hendricks, Macee Richardson, Sydney Brumfield, Jessica Herron, Madeleine Riding, Kennedy Payne, Bailey Whitehead, Ana Wightman, Michelle Renfeldt


Hilary Hendricks

Canyon States Fair

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     Fifth grade students at Canyon Elementary had their annual States Fair Friday, November 19, 2010.  The students got to draw out of a hat the name of a state to do their rerport on.  They each worked in class to create a 15 page report about their state.  As a culminating activity, they got to make a presentation about their state and students and parents were invited to tour the States Fair in the school auditorium.


Pictured L-R:  Sam Darrington, Annalyse Lindholm, Cameron Hanks and Jordyn Bate.

Calleen Argyle