K-9 Visit

Mrs. Liz Nielsen's class

As part of the DARE program, K9 officers visited with fifth grade students. Below is a list of what students said they learned.

The dogs bite really hard.

I learned that you should never do anything that's wrong. You will never now the price that you will have to pay.

I learned that K-9 dogs are very strong, fierce, and have very sharp teeth. They're also really obedient to commands that the officers gave them. They have an amazing sense of smell.

Don't do drugs; no matter what. You want to get into a mess with those kinds of dogs?

It was interesting that when the dogs would bite, they would stay in one place.

You should never run or hide from a police dog. Ouch!!

The dogs are very smart and strong!

A dog's bite can hurt really bad. Even though he had a suit on, he got puncture marks on his arms.