March 2018


Staci Call

Third Graders at Canyon just completed RadKids. In this class children gain valuable lifesaving skills as they learn to recognize, avoid, resist and escape from danger.  In radKIDS, children learn from a comprehensive curriculum that addresses school safety, bullying, home safety, fire safety, bike safety, dog safety, out and about safety, strangers, how and when to call 911, good/bad/uncomfortable touch to name a few. After each subject is taught we practice safety drills so they get a chance to practice what they are learning.

Sr. Moss

Danika Nuttall

Miss Nuttall's 3rd grade class wrote a friendly letter to Sr. Moss, our intern Principal, also the Spanish teacher at the Jr. High and asked him how to say our colors in Spanish. Well, today he stopped by and taught us Amarillo (Yellow), Verde (Green), Azul (Blue), and Rojo (Red). These third grades can't wait to take Spanish. Thanks Sr. Moss!!!

Art Night


Canyon Elementary hosted an Art Night on March 12, 2018. Valena Humphreys, the art specialist, saved many pieces of art that students had worked on this year. In addition, teachers displayed art that students had completed in class. The walls were covered with wonderful works of art!


Danika Nuttall

Do you know how to divide? Are you good at sharing? Well we, in Miss Nuttall's class, love dividing and sharing especially when we get to use mini cookies during the lesson.

Parents and Pastries


To celebrate Dr. Seuss Day, parents were invited to our Parents and Pastries activity. Many families participated and after enjoying their donut, found a spot to read a good book. It was a great sight!

K-9 Visit

Mrs. Liz Nielsen's class

As part of the DARE program, K9 officers visited with fifth grade students. Below is a list of what students said they learned.

The dogs bite really hard.

I learned that you should never do anything that's wrong. You will never now the price that you will have to pay.

I learned that K-9 dogs are very strong, fierce, and have very sharp teeth. They're also really obedient to commands that the officers gave them. They have an amazing sense of smell.

Don't do drugs; no matter what. You want to get into a mess with those kinds of dogs?