January 2017

PTA Assembly


Canyon Students were priveleged to participate in an assembly sponsored by our PTA.  John Sargeant, not the sixth grade teacher, but his nephew, performed many Pixar musical themes on the piano.  He then asked the students to think about how the music made them feel.  It was enjoyed by all.

Road to Success Magician


A magician visited Canyon Elementary in connection with the Road to Success Reading Program.  He entertained the students while encouraging them to read!  Thank you to the Road to Success people for making this fun assembly possible.

Science is Fun!


Fifth grade students were treated to a special Science Day!  First they watch and enjoyed presentations about science in an assembly setting.  Next they were able to participate in a more personal way as they experimented and made conclusions about scientific "stuff".  Science really can be fun!

Annual Medieval Feast is a Success!


Canyon Elementary was the sight of an authenic (well, almost) Medieval Feast.  Sixth graders worked hard to secure their status at the feast by turning in all assignments on time, doing extra jobs at home and displaying good citizenship characteristics at all times.  Fun was had by all.  Thanks especially to the parents who donated food and helped organize the feast!

Chess Champion


We have a Chess Champion right here at Canyon Elementary!  Not only that, but it's the second year in a row! Congratulations and good luck in the next tournament.