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2013 Canyon Science Fair Winners

Submitted by calleen.argyle on Mon, 02/11/2013 - 09:56
Calleen Argyle
2013 Science Fair Winners 002.JPG

   February 7, 2013, Canyon Elementary held its annual science fair.  Anyone in 5th and 6th grade could participate either individually or as a team.  There was an interesting group of projects this year.   Audrie Nordstrom's project title was  "How Does Candy Effect Our Minds and Bodies?",  Jamison Massey's was "Pop Rocks Pop", Bailey Whiethead and Sami Branch did "Fungus Infection", Breanna Snider's was "Snow or Ice",  Nick VanPelt, Kade Randloph and Jace Randolph did "Float or Sink", Boston Brower did "Walking on Egg Shells", Tessa Clayton did "What Bird Seed Do Birds Like Best?", Dustin Moake did "Which Chemical Reaction is Stronger, Yeast, Sugar and Water, or Baking Soda and Vinegar?", Emma Burnham and Saige Stewart did "Egg Drop", Sarah Haymore did "In Lather, Do Suds Matter?"  Erica Allen did "What Liquid Dissolves a Pill the Fastest?" and Joey Hill did "Super Bowl Ads".

Pictured Top L-R:  Bailey Whitehead, Sami Branch, Erica Allen, Breanna Snider, Madelyn Froelich and Sarah Haymore.

Middle L-R:  Emma Burnham, Saige Stewart, Tessa Clayton, Aubrey Nordstrom and Dustin Moake.

Bottom L-R:  Boston Brower, Jace Randolph, Nick VanPelt, Kade Randolph, Jamison Massey and Joey Hill.