Canyon Gold Medal School

Submitted by calleen.argyle on Thu, 05/24/2012 - 11:33

   Canyon Elementary is new to the Gold Medal Schools program this year and they have really taken it to heart.  All year students and staff have been walking toward a goal of 20,000 miles.  If you visited the school during a recess, you may have seen the third through sixth graders preparing for their Hershey Track Meet or kids jumping rope. Canyon Elementary had a Jump Rope for Heart assembly in March and followed it up with a Jump Off Final Competition.  They really enjoyed learning all sorts of games that could be done with jump ropes.  Back in September, Canyon Elementary participated in UDOT's challenge to Walk More in 4, where students were challenged to walk or bike more often to school for four weeks.  The sutdents who met 75% or more of their goal were eligible to be entered in a drawing for a bike or scooter.  One of the fifth graders even won one of those bikes!  Mrs. Perkins has been the school coordinator.  She tries hard to walk the Gold Medal Mile with her class at recess.  Even the office staff is participating in accumulating miles.  In the school hallways there are log sheets posted on the walls showing the distances walked.  We've accomplished a lot this first year of being in the Gold Medal Schools program and we were awarded $200 for acheiving our goal.

Calleen Argyle