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5th and 6th Grade Perfect Attendance

Submitted by calleen.argyle on Fri, 02/01/2013 - 09:45
Calleen Argyle
5th and 6th Grade Perfect Attendance 002.JPG

Our second term had 45 days and these are the 5th and 6th grade students who had perfect attendance.  Congratulations!


Top L-R:  Jada Bunnell, Erin Hansen,  Breanna Snider, Rachel Bernards, Shaylee Taylor, Lindsey Shepherd, Axuray Talbot and Anika Kloepfer.

Middle L-R:  Nathan Roberts, Jake Guenther, Luke Raven, Wyatt Mortensen, Jamison Massey, Cameron Jolley, Samantha Skaggs and Aunika Minson.

Bottom L-R: Carter Frame, Hunter Brown, Sarah Haymore, Chloe Tuckett, Megan Haymore and Lena Stern.

Absent from Photo:  Ellie Jeppson and Tia Lee