Fourth Grade Map Walk


On September 8, Canyon Fourth graders displayed maps they had made of Utah. Students were very creative in their designs and used many items, including legos, pillows, playdough, paper mache, and cake to portray our Be-Utah-ful state. 

Pioneer Day


The fourth graders enjoyed a fabulous activity to wind up their Pioneer Unit as well as the school year.  They peeled potatoes and pounded nails among other things pioneers might have done.  They participated in good old fashioned races and even danced.  The day finished up with sampling authentic Pioneer food.  Check with a fourth grader to get more details.


What do you do when you can't go to the pool?  That's the dilemma Canyon School faced.  The solution was a "Splash Blast".  The day was filled with water games at our school.  Water Kickball complete with a slip and slide to home, soccer in the sprinklers, sponge games and a slip and slide were the games.  A firetruck came and made sure everyone was wet.  Of course the day also included a picnic outside and ice cream.  It was so much fun, it might become an annual event!