Monster Orchestra Concert


The sixth grade orchestras from around the district got together and performed a "Monster Concert".  The students from Canyon Elementary represented our school in a fantastic manner.  Thank you Mrs. Wangsgard for everything!

Fun Run


Thanks to our PTA for sponsoring another Fun Run.  This has quickly become a much anticipated event for our school.  This year the PTA added a fun twist.  Everyone was asked to wear a Super Hero shirt or outfit!  There were three different start times.  The 5-6 graders took off first, with the 3-4 following soon after.  K-2 then began their run.  At the conclusion of the race, everyone enjoyed a popsicle.  What a fun way to keep in shape!

Curiosity Museum Fun


Our First Grade Classes enjoyed a Field Trip to The Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving Point.  There were so many things to explore and enjoy.  Thanks to all the parents who helped make this possible.

Champion Challenge Winners


True to their word, the Rodeo Champions returned and awarded prizes!  Sadly, not everyone who read won a prize, but all those who met the reading challenge had their names put in the drawing.  Congratulations to our winners.  Thank you to the Rodeo Champions!

radKIDS Graduation

Staci Call

The radKIDS program is an incredible program, it is amazing to see how the kids learn and grow and watch them become confident as they come to realize that they are IMPORTANT and that NO ONE has the right to hurt them -it doesn't matter if they know the person not, or if the person is 5 years old or 105, no one has the right to hurt them and they can stop them.  I truly believe that they are learning valuable life saving skills as well as what to do in different situations from being bullied, what to do in a fire, gun safety, dog attacks, out and about safety, how and when to call 911, inte

75% Party.......WAHOO!


Congratulations to all the 4th graders who have read 75% of their reading goal.  They joined in a celebration that ended up with candy rockets exploding above them and raining down candy on their heads.