3rd Grade Track Meet

Suzette Harreld, Danika Nuttall, and Sharlee Nuzman

April 24 was a beautiful day for a track meet. Canyon third graders competed at Spanish Fork High with other third graders from Spanish Fork schools. Students participated in running and field events. What a fun day!!

Monster Concert

Cheryl Wangsgard

Canyon’s 6th Grade Orchestra had the opportunity of participating in the district wide “Monster Concert”! They sounded amazing!!

Fun Run


Friday, April 20, was Canyon's annual Fun Run. We appreciate our PTA for sponsoring this activity. It was a perfect weather day for the run. There was a staggered start beginning with 5 & 6 graders, then 3 & 4 graders, and finally K-2 graders. All students enjoyed a popsicle at the end of the race! 


Canyon's Teacher of the Year


“Mrs. Money embodies the qualities of dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to her students. She is the first to arrive early, stay late and take on added responsibilities if it means helping students learn. She provides selfless service to her students. As a special education teacher, she tailors her students learning to their learning level and strengths. Mrs. Money has piloted programs for the district on several occasions. She creates a positive learning culture and runs an exemplary program.”

We love having Kristin Money at Canyon Elementary. She is amazing!

Way to go Canyon!!


We are proud to announce Canyon Elementary has earned the @ENERGYSTAR signifying superior energy performance in the top 25 percent of similar buildings nationwide -for the third year! Thank you to our energy management team and all our visitors and occupants for helping us save energy! 



Staci Call

Third Graders at Canyon just completed RadKids. In this class children gain valuable lifesaving skills as they learn to recognize, avoid, resist and escape from danger.  In radKIDS, children learn from a comprehensive curriculum that addresses school safety, bullying, home safety, fire safety, bike safety, dog safety, out and about safety, strangers, how and when to call 911, good/bad/uncomfortable touch to name a few. After each subject is taught we practice safety drills so they get a chance to practice what they are learning.

Sr. Moss

Danika Nuttall

Miss Nuttall's 3rd grade class wrote a friendly letter to Sr. Moss, our intern Principal, also the Spanish teacher at the Jr. High and asked him how to say our colors in Spanish. Well, today he stopped by and taught us Amarillo (Yellow), Verde (Green), Azul (Blue), and Rojo (Red). These third grades can't wait to take Spanish. Thanks Sr. Moss!!!

Art Night


Canyon Elementary hosted an Art Night on March 12, 2018. Valena Humphreys, the art specialist, saved many pieces of art that students had worked on this year. In addition, teachers displayed art that students had completed in class. The walls were covered with wonderful works of art!