Wax Museum

Fifth graders at Canyon Elementary participated in a wax museum on Monday, February 12, 2018. Each student learned about a United States President or a First Lady. In addition to donning costumes, students prepared to give at least a one minute speech about their assigned President or First Lady. 



Students in fifth and sixth grade were able to learn about golf. Tyler Abegglen from Spanish Oaks Golf Course came to Canyon and gave students some hands on instruction. Students were excited about this opportunity and enjoyed their chance to be a golfer!

Class Shirts

Danika Nuttall

Happy Friday from the matching shirt crew in Miss Nuttall's class! We sure love 3rd grade 

Spelling Bee

Canyon Elementary fifth and sixth graders had the opportunity to participate in a school spelling bee. Each class held their own individual contest and sent 8 students to the school spelling bee. Those 48 students did a great job as they competed Friday, February 2, 2018. The final two contestants were Emily Wilkins and Rebecca Morales. They correctly spelled words round after round. The spelling bee lasted over 2 hours! In the end, Rebecca Morales won the contest. Rebecca now moves on to compete at a regional spelling bee. We are so proud of all of the participants.

100th day of School

Katy Olson, Julie Cranmer, Hillary Stewart, Jill Holt

There appeared to be many centenarians at Canyon Elementary on Monday, January 29, 2018. Second grade teachers and students celebrated the 100th day of school by dressing up as they might look if they were 100 years old! They participated in activities throughout the day to celebrate this landmark day!

Science Fair


Fifth and Sixth Grade students had the opportunity to voluntarily participate in a Science Fair at Canyon Elementary. Participants could enter as teams or individually. After the projects were judged, nine teams and four individuals were selected to compete at the District level.