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Third Grade Spelling Bee

Submitted by kalani.reed on Mon, 05/20/2019 - 08:42
Danika Nuttall

We have spelled hundreds, maybe even thousands of words as we prepared for the exciting event. Congratulations to all of our 3rd Grade Spelling Bee Winners. 

1st Place - Dylan Kloepfer
2nd Place - Ben Fong
3rd Place - Spencer Bush   All Participants: Hadlee Woodward (15), Megan Brogdon (14), Thomas Hunter (13), Austin Cottle (12), Emmett Wood (11), Isaac Binks (10), Kelsey Tingey (9), Trey Leatherwood (8), Trevor Broadbent (7), Lilly Nelson (6), Kanden Zabriskie (5), Kate Brogdon (4), Spencer Bush (3), Ben Fong (2), and Dylan Kloepfer (1).