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Teacher/Staff Spotlight

Submitted by calleen.argyle on Thu, 01/10/2013 - 10:27
Calleen Argyle
Jill C. Spotlight 001.JPG

   Jill Christianson is our spotlight person of the week.  Jill is one of our Skill Building Technicians.  Jill is married to Mike Christianson and they have 4 kids; Tyler 23, Zac 20, Dani 17 and Jared 12.  Jill graduated from Spanish Fork High School and went to college at BYU-Hawaii and BYU.  Her favorite foods are pizza and Magleby's chocolate cake.  Her favorite vacation was going to Bali, Indonesia where they had a great time.  She loves anywhere it's sunny and warm.  Her favorite motto is, "Smile."   It was her Dad's motto.  Jill likes to watch sports, spend time with her family and read.  What she loves most aobut working with students at Canyon is when a student realizes they have accomplished something hard.  Jill said, "They are so excited and it makes me happy to see that."