5th and 6th Grade Perfect Attendance

Calleen Argyle
5th and 6th Grade Perfect Attendance 002.JPG

Our second term had 45 days and these are the 5th and 6th grade students who had perfect attendance.  Congratulations!


Top L-R:  Jada Bunnell, Erin Hansen,  Breanna Snider, Rachel Bernards, Shaylee Taylor, Lindsey Shepherd, Axuray Talbot and Anika Kloepfer.

Middle L-R:  Nathan Roberts, Jake Guenther, Luke Raven, Wyatt Mortensen, Jamison Massey, Cameron Jolley, Samantha Skaggs and Aunika Minson.

Bottom L-R: Carter Frame, Hunter Brown, Sarah Haymore, Chloe Tuckett, Megan Haymore and Lena Stern.

Absent from Photo:  Ellie Jeppson and Tia Lee