Sixth Grade Feast

Jasmine Weier

Sixth graders at Canyon Elementary participated in a Medieval Feast at the end of the second term. Students earned points throughout the term. The number of points they had, determined their rank in medieval society. The top point earners reigned as King and Queen. A large feast was enjoyed by all. 

Popcorn Adjectives

Danika Nuttall

Adjectives...can you describe your popcorn? Miss Nuttall's class loved learning about adjettives. The popcorn was just an added bonus!

Christmas Service Project

Tammy Hutchings

Students in Tammy Hutchings first grade class participated in a class service project. Miss Hutchings prepared stockings for the students to stitch, decorate, and fill. Students donated some of the items used to fill the stockings. The class then donated the stockings to Spanish Fork Police and Fire Departments to thank them for their service and wish them a Merry Christmas. Miss Hutchings provided this opportunity to help her students understand the spirit of giving.