Canyon T- Shirt


Just a reminder to order t-shirts this week if you haven't already!
Also, click on the PTA Registration Form to sign up for these other awesome causes. Pay cash or check in the office.
- PTA Dues (helps fund the many activities we provide for the school each year)
- Swish (fluoride rinse weekly; not available for kindergartners)
- Emergency Kits (all students will have these in their classrooms in case of emergency whether or not you donate - flashlight, snacks, etc

Fourth Grade Map Walk


On September 8, Canyon Fourth graders displayed maps they had made of Utah. Students were very creative in their designs and used many items, including legos, pillows, playdough, paper mache, and cake to portray our Be-Utah-ful state. 

Pioneer Day


The fourth graders enjoyed a fabulous activity to wind up their Pioneer Unit as well as the school year.  They peeled potatoes and pounded nails among other things pioneers might have done.  They participated in good old fashioned races and even danced.  The day finished up with sampling authentic Pioneer food.  Check with a fourth grader to get more details.