Meet Miss Findlay!

Brenda Findlay

Miss Findlay is a new 5th grade teacher this year at Canyon. Here are some things about her you probably didn't know!

Where I grew up: Salem, Ut

Family: Two sisters, one brother. 

Education: Graduated from Salem Hills High School. First graduating class! Went to BYU.

Something I like to do for fun: I love to be outdoors (hiking, camping, fishing). I also love to play music whenever I can (sing, piano, guitar).

Leadership Conference

Our student council got the opportunity to attend an all day leadership conference at BYU. They learned how to be a leader, how to help kids who are getting bullied, and they also did some fun team building activities. They had a lot of fun and are ready to serve Canyon Elementary!

Student Council 2013-2014

After surviving an election campaign of writing an essay, making a poster, and delivering a speech to the student body, these 10 students got the most votes, and get the title of student council representative!    Front Row: Sami Branch, Irelynn Reid, Shaylee Taylor, Journey Palfreyman, Rachel Meservey, Axuray Talbot. Back Row:  Carter Flory, Joey Hill, Topher Riding, Brad Dixon.  Congratulations students!

Student Council Election

On Friday, after a week of campaigning with posters, 20 of our sixth graders got the opportunity to give speeches to the upperclassmen at Canyon (4th, 5th and 6th graders).

They all did such a great job, and displayed impressive public speaking skills and creativity!

The upperclassmen then went to their classrooms and voted for their top 3 candidates.

Good job to all who ran for student council. Results to come!

Patriot Day

Today, the the entire school participated in a flag-raising ceremony in honor of 9/11, now known as Patriot Day. The boy scouts at our school were able provide the colorguard for the ceremony, and they did a wonderful job. Together, students, teachers and staff  recited the pledge of allegiance, and then we all sang patriotic songs, while gathered around our country's flag.

Utah Map Walk

Andria Lewis

The 4th grade classes held their annual Utah Map Walk on Friday. Students were instructed to create a map exhibiting geographical features of Utah, using materials of their choosing. Parents and students of other classes got to walk around the classrooms to see them all. There was some amazing creatvity put into all the maps!

Curriculum Night

Last Thursday night (August 29th) Canyon hosted a Curriculum night. This was a great opportunity for parents to learn more about what their students would be learning throughout the school year. Some grades met with their teachers, while others attended the open literacy class taught by Robin Wheatley (our new reading specialist), or the Student Success session taught by the counselor, Andria Lewis. There was a well attended PTA meeting, and treats for all!

Thanks to everyone who came out! It was a great night!

Ken Garff $50 Savings Certificate Winners

Calleen Argyle

Sterling McDonald, 5th grade student,  and Elliana Francis, 1st grade student, each won a $50 Savings Certificate from the Ken Garff Road to Success Reading Program that Canyon Elementary participates in.  Each month, if students read the required number of minutes for their class reading goal, they get to fill out an entry slip and put it in the big jars by the office to be entered for drawings throughout the year.  Congratulations to Sterling and Elliana!  Keep up the great reading!


Pictured L-R:  Sterling McDonald and Elliana Francis