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They are Going to the Zoo

Kindergartener's thrill family and friends with a Zoo Program.  This program is always held the day before the field trip to the Zoo. The theme song is of course, "Teacher's Taking us to the Zoo Tomorrow".  Each student becomes a zoo animal or zookeeper as they entertain and educate the audience.  Thank you for a great show!

Parents, Pastries and Crazy Hats

The finale to Dr. Seuss Week was fantastic.  It started out early in the morning, reading in the halls of the school while munching on delicious donuts.  It continued all day long.  Every time a "crazy hat" came into view, we were reminded how "crazy important" it is to read.

Veterans and Valentines


Giving service makes you feel happy.  That's the lesson that Ms. Nilson helped her first graders realize.  They made Valentines for the Veterans this year.  In response, they were given a certificate.  It's nice to be recognized for the nice things you do, it's even nicer to have that warm good feeling.

Kindergarten Registration for Fall 2017

Don't Forget Kindergarten Enrollment is tomorrow!! Please bring your kindergartener so we can go over some kindergarten readiness skills.

Answers to FAQ's:

Yes, even if your childs siblings go to Canyon you do need 2 proof of residence.

Yes register your child, even if your child hasn't gotten all their kindergarten shots.

You cannot request a teacher at this time but you can request for morning or afternoon.

Spelling Bee

February 17 was the date of our annual Spelling Bee.  The words were tricky, but our 5th and 6th graders were amazing spellers.  Each participant had previously won a class Spelling Bee.  Congratulations to all the contestants!

United States Presidents Visit Canyon


Yes, you heard correctly.  If you walked into Canyon Elementary last week, and more specifically down the Fifth Grade Hall, you would have encountered many of our countries past Presidents and First Ladies.  If you were lucky enough to enter a Fifth Grade Classroom, you would have been priveleged to hear about their lives.  It was actually part of our annual Wax Museum.  Well done Fifth Grade.