Chickens in 6th Grade

Angie Perkins

Mrs. Perkins' sixth grade class earned a 30 minute activity by receiving the highest score possible, which is a 25. They received this perfect score 15 times from the Art, Music, Library and PE specialist since school started. They decided to have a "C" and "E" party. Two students, Braxton and Dylan entertained their classmates by bringing in their chickens. Well done!


Bobbie Murphy

Students in Mrs. Murphy's 5th grade class participated in a Star Wars themed breakout. Students worked together in 5 small groups to find clues that would unlock the 5 different locks on their lock boxes.  Students learned the skill of working together and communicating as a team to solve the clues which would given them the information they needed to unlock their locks. As students solved each of the puzzles they found all the necessary clues to breakout! 

School Pictures


Picture Day is: Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Your student will be coming home with a flyer this week.

Order before Picture day at or send money the day of pictures.

Picture Day ID: UM228072Q0


Canyon School Carnival


Canyon Elementary's PTA has, once again, pulled off an amazing carnival. Students and parents filled the halls and outside fields. Yummy food, fun games, a climbing wall, bounce houses and auctions made for a festive evening. We are grateful for all those who supported the carnival and for our awesome PTA and volunteers who made it a success!

Learning Place Value

Suzette Harreld

Mrs. Harreld's 3rd grade students are combining music and math. Using musical instruments they learned about place value. GAINS specialist, Laura Brockbank, helped students with this lesson. 

Constitution Day

Danika Nuttall

Aren't these boys the cutest!!! Porter Johansen, Will Nelson, Ezra Morley, and Ryan Bernards helped our school celebrate Constitution Day! We are proud to be Americans!!!

Cub Tracks Contest


This fall, students were given the opportunity to submit a design for our new Cub Tracks. At Canyon Elementary, staff can give Cub Tracks to recognize students for excellent behavior and being Cougar Cub Strong. These Cub Tracks are then entered into a weekly drawing for prizes. This year a contest was held to come up with a new design. Lydia Dauphinee and Launa Nielsen are amazing artists and won! The new designs have been printed and are currently being used to reward students.

Patriot Day Writing

Jasmine Weier

Sixth grade students in Mrs. Weier's class were able to free write for Patriot Day. They did a great job of expressing their feelings about patriotism. Look through the pictures to see samples of their work.



Moon Phases

Angie Perkins

Thanks to the out-pouring of Oreos donated by parents, the entire 6th grade enjoyed their assessment of the moon phases. In fact, they did not even know they were being assessed. It was a fun activity and the donations were definitely appreciated. When we each do a little, a lot an be accomplished.