Wax Museum


This year's wax museum was amazing. Fifth-grade students learned about the presidents of the United States of America. Each student dressed up as a president or president's wife and gave a speech highlighting important events and facts about their assigned president. All classes and parents were invited to attend one of their performances. It was a great experience for all!

Chess Winner


Beckett Turner won second place in the District Chess Tournament. In the tournament, Beckett won five matches and lost one. Beckett is a fourth grader in Miss Hutchings class and has been playing chess since he was in the first grade. Way to go, Beckett!

Get to Know Miss Morley

Mrs. Weier's Homeroom Class

Miranda Morley was born on Oct. 24, 1994. She attended college at SUU. Her favorite subject is science. Miranda's favorite sport is dance or the drill team. During her free time, Miranda will go camping, sit down and read a good book, or spend time with her friends. Her best vacation was when she went to Beijing, China where she did a flash mob on the Great Wall. She loves Canyon and all the faculty, students and parent support.

Science Fair

Canyon Elementary will be sending eight projects to Nebo's District Science Fair. Fifth and Sixth-grade students had the opportunity to do a science project and present it at our school Science Fair. Participation was optional and students could work individually or in teams. The students who will take a project to District are: Alliana Walters, Eliza Bristow, Hailey Lopez, Micah MacArthur, Jaxon Randolph, Alayna Swan, Andie Garner, Kate Bernards, Olivia Hjorth, Sophie Woodbury, and Cameron Cox. Congratulations on all your hard work! 

Making Flashlights

Bobbie Murphy

Students in Mrs. Murphy's class have been learning about electricity. They have talked about positive and negative charges in static and current electricity. To learn in a hands-on way, the students created a flashlight on a craft stick using a mini LED light, watch battery, binder clips, and some copper wire/tape. Students were challenged as they worked to make sure that the batteries were placed on the correct side of the charge which would then power their lights. The students had lots of fun once they got their lights working!

Contraction Surgery

Jasmine Weier

6th graders performed Contraction Surgery today in Writing! They are happy to report that all patients survived and are doing well! Good job, doctors! 

Get to Know Miss Washburn

Mrs. Weier's homeroom class

Ms. Washburn’s Birthday is March 27. She graduated from BYU. She has been teaching for 3 years. Her favorite subject is Social Studies. Her favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, and Kwame Alexander. Her favorite sports are basketball and soccer. Her favorite sports teams are BYU and the Phoenix Suns, but she also likes Real Salt Lake. Miss Washburn likes to read and has been reading some World War Two books. She just finished Monuments Men which talks about soldiers trying to save artwork and valuable monuments during the war.